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Case Study  Retail

Blokker: "B.LOKS really is the guiding fundament in our daily work"

With 3700 employees in 409 company-owned stores and 53 franchise stores, Blokker is one of the largest retailers in The Netherlands. Yet internal communication runs smoothly, and employees have a true team feeling. In this client case, we explain how Blokker achieved this.

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Outdated systems
Inefficient processes


Increased engagement
Informed employees

Before the platform

Blokker faced several challenges from outdated software and systems. Tasks were unclear, monitoring in stores was difficult, and communicating with all managers and employees was a challenge. There were often rogue written notes lying around in the stores for tasks and checklists. This caused confusion and miscommunication for employees.

"It used to be difficult to see which tasks were already completed and which still needed to be done." - Tamara Kort, store employee

The solution: bundling all information communication into one

Since 2020, Blokker has been using their platform called B.LOKS, through which they bundle all internal communication and information. Among other features, employees can find their schedule, tasks and training in the B.LOKS app.

"You just can't work without it when you work in a store." - Tamara Kort, store employee

The app also allows managers to create occasional and recurring tasks. Therefore, employees in the service office have insight and operations managers monitor closely what is happening in the stores.

"It is very convenient for us that we can see what is happening in our stores from the service office." - Savannah de Blok, Store Communications

Employees are encouraged to get, and stay, involved through the app's point system. In addition, Blokker also uses the platform to set workplace challenges, allowing teams or employees to earn prizes.

The result: a stronger company culture, better customer service and higher employee engagement

As a result, employees are always updated with relevant news, and inspired by stories from colleagues all over the country. This creates a positive environment and true team spirit.

"You see pictures of other colleagues throughout The Netherlands, which gives inspiration, you give each other tips, compliments, so you can share a lot of knowledge with each other and therefore have a strong team feeling." - Tamara Kort, store employee

In addition, tasks are easier to find and oversee, which allows employees in the store to perform tasks more efficiently.

"The app contributes to better customer service because me and my team members are well instructed by what's on the B.LOKS, which translates to our service and customers." - Michelle Demir, Store Manager

Altogether, streamlining internal communication has created a stronger company culture, better customer service and higher employee engagement.

Marketing Manager, Netherlands