Relesys Talks: How Vestas engage their employees through digital energy

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Vestas has unlocked the key to engaging their employees through digital energy with their MyVestas internal communications app.

With a focus on belonging, Vestas has strengthened their company culture, bringing together their first-line workers and giving them the opportunity to be informed and communicate company-wide. Get ready to discover their propelling journey.

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Engage your employees by helping them find purpose in your company.

What You’ll Learn

Find out how a communications solution can help you engage your employees, find purpose in your company, and enhance a sense of belonging.

Build a solution tailored to your workforce’s needs

Balance corporate and employee communication

Boost company culture and a sense of belonging

Experts talking

Tine Pyndt Jørgensen
Head of client success

Tine has worked with the Relesys platform both as a client and now as a Client Success Manager at Relesys. She has the overall responsibility of building up the Client Success team across our multiple offices.

Line Møller Roland
lead Specialist- Communication And Digital Change

With over 20 years of experience as a communications specialist, Line is an expert on change management, internal corporate communication, and implementing a strong company culture.

Individual Purpose

Family, friends, values, hobbies,
volunteering outside of work

Work Purpose

Engaging with job role,
activites, and work tasks

Company Purpose

Employee experience and company culture controlled directly by the company

The ideal alignment between individual and work purposes*

Worker aligned but not fulfilled by company’s purpose

Worker’s purpose misaligned and unfulfilled

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Webinar now!