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Case Study  Retail

Carl Ras: Award-winning retailer partners with Relesys

In this Case Study, discover how Carl Ras deliver vital communications faster, keep their staff connected and ensure culture is kept at the heart of their operations.



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Outdated systems

Poor communication between HQ and employees 


Boosted employee engagement

Optimized communications

Enhanced compliance


An introduction to: Carl Ras

In business in Denmark for more than 90 years, Carl Ras is a thriving, family-owned tools and fittings specialist with 450 staff spread across 22 Carl Ras stores, four 3 AKTIVE stores, Jydsk Værktøj, warehouses, and their HQ. While studies show that 77% of the world’s employees are disengaged in their workplace, the team at Carl Ras have taken steps to ensure their staff stay tightly connected to their award-winning company culture. The following case reveals how. 

Before the platform

As a more than 10-year recipient of the Great Place to Work award for Denmark, Carl Ras is serious about maintaining its reputation as an award-winning employer. But with growing competition in the recruitment market and changing retail demands brought on by modern technologies, the leadership team were struggling to stay connected to their staff due to outdated legacy systems. Emilie Greve Falbe-Hansen, PR and Communications Manager at Carl Ras explains:

“Our biggest challenge was that our staff could only access our old intranet SharePoint system from a PC. There was no mobile solution 

With most staff being non-desk workers, it meant vital information and company updates were taking too long to filter across all employees. Store and warehouse staff and on-the-road consultants could only pick up messages on their PCs at the start or end of a shift and HQ staff had no real-time connection with colleagues in the rest of the company. 

So, to modernize the company’s approach to employee engagement, the HR and Communication teams began searching for a modern communications platform to seamlessly connect the whole company across stores, warehouses, and HQ. 

Our solution: A unified platform for knowledge sharing, news, staying social and reporting. 

The selection of Relesys by the HR & Communication Teams at Carl Ras has rapidly modernized their internal communications. Ulrik Skovgaard-Mortensen, HR Business Partner at Carl Ras expresses: 

“With the Relesys Platform we can reach all employees and be more confident that everyone is receiving important daily updates by checking message delivery and readership reports.” 

To ensure quick adoption, it was essential that the user experience was like a popular social media and messaging platform, including features like chat, social sharing, content & social dashboards, quizzes, hashtag stamps and custom reactions. By creating an in-house solution, the Carl Ras team could ensure coordination across the company and other HR resources, more relevant and specific content and improved compliance by reducing use of unsanctioned apps.  

As part of the solution, the team have introduced an online “Breakroom”, which they have divided into two social forums, Insta-Rasseren, where employees can coordinate social events; and Inspi-Rasseren, where employees can reach out if they need assistance with a product or want to share knowledge or experiences with their colleagues. Store manager, Peter Kong, explains:  

“It is an example of how we use the platform to support each other. It is a way to tap into a hive mindset, where we collectively contribute to helping each other.” 

All this functionality is delivered in a custom mobile application designed using the Carl Ras brand identity and accessible on a variety of mobile and desktop devices. As Emilie Greve Falbe-Hansen observes: 

“A strength for us has been that we have a solution tailored for our needs. This does not only apply to the structure and content on the site, but also to the look and feel of the platform. The Relesys team have done a great job creating our very own branded Carl Ras collaboration space.” 

And the result?

As soon as the platform was launched, the team could see activity was high and this has remained constant post-implementation. In the last year they have had a stable and high activity rate at more than 90% across all employees. This is a credit to the team for keeping the content interesting, relevant and fresh. Ulrik Skovgaard-Mortensen explains:

“One of the significant areas on our Relesys platform is undoubtedly when our management team posts a video once a month, discussing their perspective on the company and the direction we are heading.” 


This view is shared by the staff at Carl Ras, including Kathrine Heering, an on-the-road sales consultant:

“My favorite is definitely hearing from the management. I find it exciting to hear what is happening in the company.” 

And Warehouse Assistant, Sheila Pedersen: 

“It makes you feel more involved, and I am very happy about that.”  

Internal communication across the company is now happening faster and more easily than ever before. The HR and Communication teams are using the data on the platform to not only track improvements in message delivery rates but to see which content drives the most interest and engagement with employees. This helps to keep content plans interesting and to bring employees back for more. And it’s working. As Sheila Pedersen continues:

“I basically always check the Carl Ras app, both in the morning and later at home to see if there’s anything new.” 

As a store manager, Peter Kong needs real-time updates of all important company announcements and checks the app regularly, as he explains: 

“Before I start work, after I have finished, and at various time throughout the day.” 

Maintaining the company’s award-winning culture was a key consideration in creating the Carl Ras app. The Breakroom social forums help colleagues connect and build relationships despite being split across various locations. It is a functionality that is proving popular with employees at all levels, be it sharing product knowledge or organizing a quiz or a sports match it is a key resource to keep staff tightly connected to company culture.

The future: A continuous partnership 

At Relesys, we believe in creating strong relationships with our customers. Something we call "The Marriage Strategy". As part of that promise, the team at Carl Ras are continuing to work closely with the Relesys Customer Success team to launch fresh ideas into their platform. Whether it be a Christmas theme for the festive season, special curated content to keep staff informed of key promotions, new product lines, or tips for delivering great customer service, we look forward to supporting Carl Ras as one of the best places to work in Denmark.