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Case Study  Retail

Maxi Zoo: A communication platform that increases sales and engagement

In this client story, read how Maxi Zoo utilizes their digital communications platform to ensure all their employees are informed, no matter their shift time or location.



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Lack of communication

Uninformed employees


One point-of-contact

Engaged workforce

An introduction to: Maxi Zoo

You need to be able to communicate with all your employees, including your non-desk workers. Yet, so many companies are struggling to do just that.

And, not only do you need to be able to reach all your employees, but you also need to give them the right information for their particular job roles.

So then, how can you both communicate with all employees but make sure to target information to the specific recipients?

Maxi Zoo had this exact pain before they implemented their customized Relesys platform. Their platform now enables them to structure their communication flows and target the right people. This has resulted in increased engagement, sales, as well as a more consistent level of quality.

Before the platform

When we first met Maxi Zoo, they were struggling with how to communicate with all their employees and stores and give them enough information.

They had massive amounts of information flowing into the stores, but these were completely unstructured, resulting in information overload for most employees. They were using intranets, phone calls, emails, and even post-it notes.

As this information wasn’t targeted, important materials such as campaigns, news, and onboarding training often didn’t reach the employees on the floor. They were only accessible on printed paper and bulletin boards in the back office.

Circulation of important information was dependent on the individual store manager, meaning it rested on their own skills and ability to communicate with the rest of the store staff. This meant that Maxi Zoo couldn’t guarantee the same level of quality across all their stores, causing a large variation in customer service.

Maxi Zoo also noticed that this communication was impacting the employees’ ability to execute sales as they weren’t up to date with the latest news, campaigns, and products.

As Maxi Zoo was rapidly expanding, Bo Demant, Country Manager at Maxi Zoo, realized they needed to structure their communication. It was a problem that needed solving as soon as possible.

To Bo Demant, the CEO at Maxi Zoo, it was crystal clear. They needed to solve this.

The solution: Benefits of a one point of contact platform

Bo Demant states that he completely trusts his employees and that everyone wants to deliver 5-star customer service. But they can only do so if they have access to the right tools. He explains:

"WI truly believe that my employees want to do as good a job as possible."

With their communication platform, all employees have easy access to a tool that structures their communication flows and makes information accessible to everyone. And not only that, all employees can have the app on their own mobile phones.

As a result, all internal communication is no longer dependent on the individual store manager, and Maxi Zoo can ensure the same level of quality across all their stores. Not only is the information accessible on a mobile phone, but Maxi Zoo ensures all content is 100% relevant and up to date.

Bo Demant sees their platform as an investment in both Maxi Zoo’s employees and the business as a whole stating:

"It’s hard for us to see the downside.”

And frankly, for Maxi Zoo, it is hard to see the downside. The results speak for themselves. After implementing the app, Maxi Zoo has experienced:

  • The fluctuation rate has gone down
  • Quality has increased
  • Sales have increased

The results: Engaged and confident employees

Bo Demant wants Maxi Zoo’s employees to be 100% focused on the customers at all times. It’s important to him that all employees feel confident when approaching a customer and can provide the best possible service.

He also notes that the training module in the app has helped all non-desk workers feel equipped for their work tasks, alongside gaining more product knowledge.

Katja, a Store Manager at Maxi Zoo, indicates that the app has had a tremendous impact on employees, stating:

"Every part-timer I have, they are thrilled about the app."

All employees, no matter their department and role, or whether they are part or full time, are always informed. They are updated instantly about monthly campaigns, and product information, and can contact anyone in the company via the phone book to start a chat.

This provides a time-efficient solution for instant communication company-wide. It’s easy to message between stores and with HQ to get a quick response. As many don’t have access to email, it’s the perfect solution to address this communication gap.

The app has fostered a community feel, with many employees creating their own chat groups for their teams and districts, as well as social walls for each department and the entire company.

This means everyone can know what’s happening in other stores or at HQ and that despite the distance or difference in locations, everyone feels part of the Maxi Zoo family.

Maxi Zoo’s employees feel it’s now easier at work because they’re updated on what’s going on in-store. With their all-in-one platform, they have gathered all their communications in one place, which has helped all employees focus on providing the best customer service.

Katrine Jensen, Sales Coordinator at Maxi Zoo sums it up best:

"It’s the perfect tool for us to use. It’s essential, we can’t live without it.”