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Mercedes-Benz: We found the 'holy grail' of communications platforms

Discover how Mercedes-Benz joined the digital operations revolution, informing all their employees with their all-in-one platform.


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Dispersed operations


Informed employees

Increased company culture



The automotive industry is known for being a frontrunner in technology and innovation. However, when you actually take a peek into their internal procedures, many auto operators still rely on manual processes. This includes piles of papers, files full of documents, and messy bulletin boards.

The result? Disorganization. Lost operational paperwork. Disconnection between employees across locations and departments. And finally. A lack of knowledge sharing.

This is exactly what Mercedes-Benz was experiencing.
They needed to swap their intranet, PowerPoint presentations, and emails for an all-in-one communications and operations platform. Once they did, they found their employees were more engaged, and their sales figures skyrocketed.


Feeling disconnected

Mercedes-Benz was facing one major issue daily. Their mechanics, technicians, and salespeople had no access to a computer during their workdays.

And as a consequence, most of their employees missed vital information and updates, weren’t aligned with the company’s KPIs, and felt detached from HQ, the core business, and their own colleagues.

Everything changed when Mercedes-Benz launched their communication platform. 

When I saw the app for the first time, it was like I found the holy grail. I know it’s a strong word, but it encapsulated everything that I saw in front of me, that we needed to have. 

Mikael Olsson


The Solution

Accessible information, operations, and sales success

To figure out how to address this issue, Mikael Olsson didn’t just follow his gut feeling or what he thought to be best. He knew he had to ask all non-desk workers and employees from HQ where they wanted to access all their information.

The answer was resounding: on their phones. So the Relesys Platform was a natural fit.

And the app has proved its worth. Mercedes-Benz has seen increased employee commitment and satisfaction amongst employees. Not only that, but productivity has increased exponentially thanks to the structured information flows, internal social groups, and gamification elements like points and badges.

The main ROI for us has been increased productivity just because of the gamification module. 

Peter Magnell

Business and Organizational Developer

Mikael Olsson really sees the positives of their platform and the impact of their employee engagement. Not only do workers have a higher level of satisfaction, but the business as a whole is more profitable.

The platform is now an integral part of their daily operations and workflows.

We have measured things, and we have seen employee commitment and satisfaction skyrocket. The same development is seen in sales, revenues, and financial figures. 

Mikael Olsson


The result

Close colleagues – both professionally and personally

Before their app, it was hard for their non-desk and garage workers to stay in the information loop due to the limited access to work computers. Plus, they rarely had time to actually check emails or information from HQ.

The app has made the daily working lives of all their mechanics and technicians more meaningful as they are now:

  • More well-informed about the company initiatives and activities from HQ, no matter time or place.
  • Closer to HQ and the core administrative side of the business.
  • Updated about their fellow coworkers through posts and comments on the social wall.

Mia Krogsböll, Mechanic on Personal Cars, and Amalja Omeragic, Rent Agent, are both really excited about the social wall feature. They now know what is going on amongst their colleagues, creating a much stronger community feeling.

The app has helped us to get the people and the business closer, especially the employees who normally are not close to the business, but also are a part of the business. 

Mikael Olsson