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Tiger of Sweden: a modern IT solution supporting sales

Read how Tiger of Sweden has enhanced collaboration and supported company-wide sales with their digital communication platform.



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Outdated systems

Limited internal communication


Improved accessibility

Enhanced collaboration

Implementing and utilizing digital solutions in your workplace is vital to supporting your employees while staying relevant in this modern world. This is so much so that almost 60% of all Millennials and Generation Z state that having a digitized workplace that employs modern technology is very important to them.

Utilizing digital solutions is also the key to engaging and motivating employees. Tiger of Sweden has implemented its customized Relesys platform company-wide as part of its business strategy to improve customer service while generating higher levels of employee engagement and intuition.


Old IT solutions

Before finding their digital solution in Relesys, Tiger of Sweden they had several challenges reaching all their employees and stores with relevant and updated information daily. They were using older IT systems that hindered the structuring of their internal communications, meaning employees needed to be properly informed and engaged.

Tiger of Sweden needed to create an inclusive working atmosphere that involved everyone from HQ to their part-time sales assistants.

Since the introduction of its platform, Tiger of Sweden has provided its employees with an IT solution they can access from their mobile devices, encouraging everyone to participate in and engage with its internal communication efforts. 

We see that using technology like an app is really lifting our perception in the organization from an IT perspective. 

Rod Kilgour


For Rod Kilgour, it's integral that employees are highly familiar with the technology. Utilizing technology like an app on a mobile phone allows for a much higher level of intuition as employees already use the technology in their daily lives.

The platform also helps drive higher levels of engagement as it includes social media-like elements such as the ability to like posts, comment, and share photos and videos. Another engagement booster is the ability to create healthy competition and motivate employees through visual KPI tracking.

In terms of growth, we can act like one organization and generate healthy competition between different stores and geographies. 

Rod Kilgour


Up to 80% of frontline and non-desk workers state that having clearly displayed goals and targets, along with a way to measure their performance, is vital to their happiness in the workplace.

It's no wonder then that the sales KPI ticker has become a top feature for their platform as it shares how everyone is performing against their targeted sales goals. Making KPIs available to the entire organization is helping to drive motivation as employees perform like a team and celebrate shared victories. 

The solution

Helping support better customer service company-wide

Communicating and providing clear customer service is also another top priority for Tiger of Sweden as they want their employees to feel as close to their customers as possible.

If a customer asks a question and you don't know the answer, you can just post it in the app and someone from design, production or our sustainability line will answer right away. 

Rod Kilgour


By providing a comprehensive and interactive knowledge bank, Tiger of Sweden connects its entire organization by inviting all employees to develop their skills and provide the best customer service possible.

Their app also bridges the gap between HQ and their stores because anyone can ask questions and ask for help or guidance, meaning communication isn't limited to managers or within individual stores.

Before implementing their app, every store manager would send out an email newsletter once a week featuring relevant updates and information. But now they can send out news daily, ensuring all employees are always up-to-date and don't have to wait a whole week for vital and timely information.

The app is useful not only for product knowledge but also for visual merchandising. VM managers can easily inform all stores of campaign directions and how to set up visual displays directly through the app.

It's easy and fast for VM managers to upload pictures, videos, and other interactive media to clearly display each campaign, and individual stores can also upload photos of their own displays to get feedback and inspiration from other stores.

The result

Less hierarchy, more collaboration

The app has also helped create a flat organizational structure as all employees can share information and knowledge equally, from top management to part-time sales assistants. This has allowed all employees to compliment and celebrate each other's work at Tiger, meaning that praise and acknowledgment don't always need to come from management but also from peers.

The platform is working as a bridge between HQ and the stores, and also a bridge between the different stores, so everyone feels like a part of the big Tiger community and most importantly, that no one feels by themselves.

Tess Lauritsen

VM and Retail Country Manager

For Tess Lauritsen, this is one of the app's most important elements. It's helped support a positive working culture company-wide by connecting every store and HQ and enabling everyone to act and feel like one united organization.