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Case Study  Retail

Illum: A communication app that informs and empowers employees

In this client case, discover how Illum has helped their non-desk workers provide excellent customer service alongside creating a thriving company culture.



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Dispersed operations

Disengaged employees


24/7 information flows

Increased sales

An introduction to: Illum

How well do you communicate with your own employees?

Especially your non-desk workers that don’t have as much contact with management or the head office. If you really engage your employees, get to know their strengths and weaknesses, and build a solid foundation for communication and feedback, you create a strong organizational culture.

Which then helps pave the way to a thriving bottom line and adds to your competitiveness. In fact, according to Forbes, companies with a strong culture have seen up to 4 times increase in their revenue growth.

Yet so many organizations find it difficult to properly engage their employees. They just don’t have the means to inform them, structure their workflows, or involve them in the organization.

The key is investing in a digital platform that helps give you all these insights, opportunities, and so much more.

And that’s exactly what the department store ILLUM did.

With their own customized employee app, ILLUM has found a way to make their non-desk workers passionate and provide excellent service to their customers, as well as thrive among their colleagues.

Before the platform

Which situation would you prefer? Turning up to work on a Monday, your tasks unassigned, paperwork everywhere, no updates from HQ, and you have no idea what you need to be doing?


Arriving and having all your daily tasks and information in one place, clearly outlined and well-communicated to you?

Of course, it’s the latter.

Thanks to their digital platform, ILLUM’s non-desk workers now receive important updates from the HQ every Monday morning. They know all the tasks that need to be completed, are up to date and are given the best possible start to their workweek.

ILLUM Brand Ambassador, Povilas, describes the app as both a time-saver and an essential working tool:

"If I read it through in the morning, I can figure out what’s going to happen, and how things are going. I don’t need to ask around— it’s just there. That’s where we get information (…) about procedures and learn how to do them."

As the app gives employees easy and instant access to all the information they need, they can stay updated 24/7 about social events, special deals, awards, and guidelines – and therefore always be informed.

Something that’s vital for their customer service. Emily from Direct Sales highlights her favourite module:

"The Daily Fix is the most useful because you can always see what kind of deals there are, and I like that."

The solution: Gamification and community

ILLUM’s employees can compete against each other in the app due to the gamified elements and a point system. Susan, manager of the Customer Lounge, explains that the gamification features not only engage their competitive side but are part of the glue that brings everyone together: 

"What connects people here is the competition within the app. If you enter the app every day, you get a point and if you’re in the top 10, you can win something – a gift. So, we’re talking a lot about that.

Another element that connects employees across departments is the social wall.

Employees can share pictures and daily personal stories that their colleagues can read, like, and comment on. This way, employees can get to know their colleagues as well as inspire, motivate, and engage each other.  

This also includes any new employees to ILLUM, as the app ensures they instantly feel welcomed and involved in their new workplace. Povilas elaborates:  

"When I started here at ILLUM, I downloaded the app right away. It was awesome. I felt really welcomed.".

The results: Being informed. And staying informed

When you work in a large department store with many floors and hundreds of customers going in and out every minute, no two days look alike. And, you must always be on your feet and expect the unexpected.

Susan explains how efficient the information flow was in the app after a fire alarm went off and created a rather stressful situation:

"After we had gone out of the building and came back in, the security manager wrote in the app what has happened and why the fire alarm went off, so we wouldn’t imagine a lot of wrong things."

As a result, important information was sent in real-time to inform all employees of the ongoing situation to help everyone remain calm and updated on the situation.

This instant communication is just one example of how ILLUM have involved all their employees in the company.

Through little things like their daily fix module and the social wall, ILLUM has created a thriving company culture as well as making sure all their employees are kept up to date and informed.