Video: The Most Common Internal Communication Challenges

In this article, our Project Manager Viktoria will guide you through some of the most common internal communication challenges that we've experienced working with many different businesses. 

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All in One communication Platform

The Relesys Platform is an all-in-one platform which means that we gather all your communication, training, and daily operations in one solution making everything easily accessible at any time.

One of the challenges that we experience with many of our clients is that it’s hard to reach all employees with information at the same time - especially non-desk workers that don't have access to a computer.

With the Relesys Platform, you can optimize your internal communication by making information easily accessible to all employees at any time. And why not reach them where they get everything else - right at their fingertips.

Insights: Watch our case study with Bauhaus who had difficulties reaching every employee with their communication.

STructured Communication flows

Another challenge we experience with many of our clients is that it’s hard to get the right information out to the right employees. Often the information and communication flows end up in a very not structured way and you have no idea if your employees have read or understood your message.

The Relesys Platform makes it possible to target specific information to specific employee groups. This way you can structure your communication flows and make sure nobody feels left out - or the opposite, over-informed.

You can also track user activity and engagement by adding a "slide to confirm” button to your message, so you can see what employees have read and interacted with your message.

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We believe that your employees are your most valuable assets and we want to help you grow your people, so you can successfully grow your business. 

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