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The Relesys Communication Platform

How to Grow Your Business With a Communication Platform

Courtney Gray

Did you know that organizations with good communication practices are three times more likely to succeed and financially outperform their competitors? In this article, we will take a look at the advantages of a communication platform and how it can grow your business.

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A Communication Platform Drives employee engagement

Studies show that work units with high levels of employee engagement outperform those in low engagement organizations by 22 % in terms of profitability.


That makes employee engagement a leading indicator of your company's financial performance.


But employee engagement is not a matter of course. In fact, many organizations worldwide struggle to engage and motivate their workforce. 


The first step to increasing employee engagement is to secure the basis for strong internal communication. Your employees want to feel involved and ‘important enough’ to receive information on, for instance, new guidelines, sustainability initiatives, or updated safety information. If your employees don't receive or have access to information they can easily feel 'left in the dark', which is employee engagement's number one enemy.


On the other hand, if your employees experience frequent communication it will lead to higher employee engagement, which has been proven highly correlated to significant business results and ROI. 


With a digital communication platform, you can reach all your employees with information and improve engagement. But there's more than engagement to a communication platform. Let's look into three advantages there will support the growth of your business.


3 advantages of a communication platform

We've narrowed it down to three advantages that are financially correlated to the growth of your business and to the black numbers of your bottom line.


1. Encourages Innovation 

For a long time, many organizations have chosen the Intranet as their preferred platform for internal communication. But the intranet is often very limited in terms of information sharing and accessibility, so many companies still have to use a variety of different other tools. 

Often the intranet doesn’t have a mobile-friendly version, which only makes it useful for employees at the office or with access to a desktop excluding a large group of non-desk workers.


A communication platform is an innovative solution because it integrates all internal communication channels into one digital platform. This way, you can gather and store all information and knowledge in one place – making sure that your non-desk workers can easily find the information they need and quickly return to their important tasks.


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2. Improves Your Internal Processes  

Communication platforms optimize the internal communication in your business because they secure daily contact, structure information flows, and target specific employee groups. 


They make it possible to categorize information based on roles, work tasks, or departments so every employee is getting relevant information and nobody risks an overload of information. This allows all employees to receive valuable and relevant content that is important for their exact work tasks. 


Streamlined communication supports employees to getting a better understanding of what’s going on in the company and how their role is a contribution to the overall strategy. As a result, your employees will be more engaged and committed to your company, if they have an effective communication platform. 


And if your employees feel committed to your company, they're also delivering better performance. To be more exact, their productivity increases by up to 21%.


3. Empowers Your Employees to Work Smarter

Internal communication platforms can transform all utility of the old school intranet into something easy, and accessible, and it can typically integrate with other systems (the Relesys platform can). It provides information sharing, training, onboarding, and daily operations across the organization to all employees. 


Communication platforms make it possible to create specific training sessions within the app to educate your employees and develop their professional growth. If your employees are equipped and up to date with the latest information, they’re able to offer a better service to your customers.  


The ROI Of a communication platform

To sum it up, by implementing a communication platform you can support the growth of your business because you're able to communicate with your employees on a daily basis, which increases employee engagement, and as a result, delivers a great ROI.


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If you want to learn more about how a communication platform can help grow your business book a demo and we'll reach out to you.