The Biggest Challenge With Employee Engagement and How To Fix It

The level of employee engagement is depending on how you communicate with your employees - and how many of them you actually reach with your communication.

Seamless communication secures employee engagment

A survey of non-desk workers at U.S. companies shows that a majority of employees wish that their management would talk to them more.

The gap between HQ and the employees is a huge communication challenge and it often results in lost information. 

The study revealed that 84% of the participants don’t feel that they get enough information from their top management. 

This is a huge problem for employee engagement that the employees don’t feel well informed. If they experience a lack of information and updates, it’s hard to stay engaged and feel committed to the company.

Reach the Right Group Of Employees

It’s especially hard for HQ to reach their non-desk workers on a daily basis, because they don’t have access to a computer during their workday.

So how do you reach them with information about company updates, product knowledge, safety, hygiene and so on? 

  • Structure your information flow so it doesn’t result in over-information or lost information.
  • Target your employee groups by segmenting them into smaller groups based on profession, demographics or work tasks.

In this way you can engage through relevant targeted information flows for every employee group.



Make Your Employees Feel Important

Another important finding from the study shows that 75% doesn’t feel informed about changes in policies and goals.

A dynamic and open communication is important to nurture and inspire employee engagement. It also involves making your employees feel that they belong to something bigger and are an important asset to the company.

By addressing your communication to specific employee groups your employees will feel acknowledge and seen. This way it’s easier for you to:

  • Make them feel included in the communication, goals, values, etc.
  • Make them feel as a part of something bigger
  • Recognize them frequently
  • Focus on employee development

Motivated managers are also critical players in employee engagement. So to engage your employees, you must adopt management communication strategies that more effectively prioritize positivity, employee development and future orientation.

To summarize, the biggest problem with employee engagement is actually the lack of communication. This is why you must communicate on a daily basis, make your employees feel informed and target relevant information to make your employees engage with your company.